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COVID-19 Policies & Precautions

  • Nightlife Limousine is fully committed to your safety. We take every safety precaution we can with our vehicles and our drivers to ensure you have a safe experience.

  • Drivers are equipped masks and gloves and are asked to remain at distance from our clients.

  • Drivers and staff are required to stay home if they are not feeling well. 

  • Drivers and staff are advised to regularly wash and sanitize their hands.

  • Each vehicle has the interior and exterior cleaned and sanitized diligently before and after each ride.

  • Certain loose items that may have been shared, like glasses, cups, bottles, and magazines have been removed from the vehicles to prevent potential spreading of germs or viruses.

  • If available, we will provide hand sanitizer for customers. Sanitizer will remain in the vehicle. 

  • Vehicles with karaoke will NOT have microphones. However, karaoke is still available.

  • ***Some Limousine services and vehicle availability may be limited during this time.***

  • ***Some bars and casinos that participate with our limo services may not be open or fully operational.***

  • We ask that our customers and passengers be cognizant of their safety and our safety. If you do not feel well, please reschedule.

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Stay safe.

Nightlife Limousine wishes good health, well-being, and safety for our customers and their loved ones. We always have, and we always will, overcome, recover, learn, and grow. Work together, care for one another, and stay safe.


Booking and Renting Policies

  • Credit card information will be required when booking a limousine.

  • 20% Gratuity will be applied to all bookings.

  • A $100.00 clean-up for ill stomach or smoking in the vehicle.

  • A charge for damages to the limousine or any components or contents of the vehicle.

  • A charge for excessive mess, excessive spills, and/or trash as chauffeur sees fit.

  • Booking is to be terminated with no refund and all booking fees due, for any conduct not appropriate as the chauffeur sees fit.

  • There are no discounts or refunds for any sound system or karaoke system failures.

  • No parts of the body, drinks, etc. are allowed outside of the limousine at any time. Standing up in the moon roof is only allowed while limousine is not in motion and no more than 2 at once.

  • Nightlife Limousine is not responsible for injuries caused by passengers standing or dancing in vehicles or by passenger negligence.

  • Consumption of alcohol in the vehicle is limited to adults of state-mandated legal age. For Night on the Town packages... if any person in the vehicle is a minor, no alcohol may be present for use by anyone. This may result in termination of the ride and no refund awarded.

  • No firearms, dangerous weapons, or illegal drugs are permitted in the vehicle.

  • Nightlife assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged baggage or personal belongings.

  • No passenger substitutions. All passengers must pay.

  • Any charges due to the above policies will be charged to renters credit card.

Cancellation Policy

  • There is no fee if cancellation occurs within 24 hours of initial booking. For example, if you book today, you have through tomorrow to cancel your reserved time. Any cancellations that occur after the 24 hour period will be charged 50% of the agreed booking amount up until the day of the scheduled service.

  • Cancellations made on the same day as the scheduled service will be charged 100% of the booking amount along with 20% gratuity due to scheduling of a driver. For example, if your ride is scheduled for July 12 and you call and cancel on July 12, you will be charged 100% plus 20% gratuity. This will be charged to the renters credit card.

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